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          Welcome to Gloucester-Southgate Ward!

          Diane Deans is the City of Ottawa Councillor for Gloucester-Southgate Ward. As a proud supporter of her Ward for more than 26 years, Diane represents almost 50,000 residents at the municipal level.

          Ward Priorities

          With almost 50,000 residents, Gloucester-Southgate Ward is an incredibly diverse area. Here are some of our priorities.

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          Meet the Team

          Learn more about our team members, who you may have met at an event, in my Ward Office, or through email.

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          City Resources

          Learn more about community and City services, including garbage, recycling, recreation, libraries, social assistance, and more.

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          Interactive Map

          Explore Gloucester-Southgate Ward and all it has to offer, including parks, schools, places of worship, and more.

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